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Our MISSION is to combine our passion and our expertise while aligning with industry leading companies and innovative people so we can help organizations achieve their core business objectives and INSPIRE them to partner with Eclipse Office Technology in a joint effort to advance our vision TOGETHER.


Eclipse Office Technology prides itself as a company considered much more than a vendor for office equipment, VOIP & DATA or related services.  Many companies find themselves in status quo type agreements with their office equipment and VOIP & DATA providers.  These agreements were based solely on past requirements vs the customer’s future goals and objective and are locked for up to 72 months with no flexibility.  

Matching technology solutions with customer applications and future requirements is a bit more involved and does require much more insight and that is what businesses are starving for when it comes to office technology and services.   We are here to do the job your current provider may have fell short of doing for you.  With an average industry tenure of 22 years, we have the insight, the expertise, and the desire to show you exactly why Eclipse Office Technology prides itself in routinely raising the bar of service and support to levels others find next to impossible. 

But don't take our word for it!  Hear from our customers. 


Our VISION is to give back to our local community in such a way that we are recognized just as much for the positive impact on those less fortunate as we are for tailoring office technology solutions for our clients.  We have a PASSION for helping people, our EXPERTISE is helping companies improve their document management processes, enhance their communication via VOIP, data and print, and mange documents more efficiently and securely with electronic document management solutions.  

Over 40 Years 


We have the know-how you need. 


We pledge to look beyond the simple speeds and feeds of your printing devices and clicks, or number of pages printed, to what every document really means to your business. We understand that it's the information that is on the document that matters most to you and your business.

We Are Creating More Efficiency In Businesses,

So You Can Innovate and Do ...

Eclipse Office Technology is your all-in-one workflow efficiency partner and essential office supplies wholesaler. We offer cost-saving solutions for today’s office environment by delivering the everyday office supplies, printing services and integrated software applications that organizations use most. We help businesses streamline their workflow with the latest printer and Managed Print Services (MPS) technologies. Eclipse Office Technology is recognized as a fast growing Samsung dealers in the US. Above all, we pride ourselves in keeping our clients happy, and we aim to deliver a more customized experience in everything that we do!


Jeremy S. (Residential Construction)

"I went through a pretty extensive search for our next copier and printer company and Eclipse is the one we found to be most customer focused vs wanting to just sell us three machines and move on.  We were right!  They have exceeded all of our expectations and even introduced us to another company to help us drive down costs in our warehouse.  You cant go wrong with Eclipse Office Technology."

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